Ideas for new decking

During the summer months I spend my time gazing at other peoples gardens on instagram. Large sprawling gardens with an abundance of colour make me very jealous. If I could change anything about our home, it would be a larger garden. Actually I would also love an ensuite but I shan’t be greedy.

We have lived in our house for 15 years, and over that time we have added a decking area which we use to dine al fresco (which happens about twice a year with our wonderful weather). Our garden is triangular shape, so we try and make the most of the space we have.  The area below used to be filled with plants, but we decided to remove them about 2 years ago as we felt it would give more space in the garden.

How it used to look.

We covered the area with stones and at first it looked lovely. It reminded me of a little beach area when it was first done as the stones reminded me of pebbles. But over time the stones became dirty, and full of leaves and berries from nearby trees. So we decided we would add another decking area, which would make it easier to brush up the leaves. I love our new decking area but I am undecided what to put on it. I was thinking of a more comfortable seating area or maybe deckchairs ? And then do we stain it or not ? Oh decisions decisions…..

I have to thank my wonderful step dad for putting the new decking down for us whilst we were away.

photo 1 (80)

photo 3 (54)

photo 2 (81)

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