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Thirteen years ago I was about to have my first baby. A first baby that required an incredible amount of clothes, nappies, toys, sleeping products etc. I would spend my evenings reading baby magazines for the latest ‘must have’ product your baby just had to have. Having a baby is not cheap, and I dread to think how much we spent on brand new items for our first born. The nursery furniture alone cost nearly £1000, but I must admit we are still using the wardrobe for our daughter 13 years on.

There are definitely products I wish I had looked at purchasing second hand. When my daughter was born 9 years ago, I didn’t think twice about purchasing products from the likes of EBay and local selling sites. I used to buy bundles of beautiful Next clothing for her, for a fraction of the price. As they were baby clothes some had not even been worn. Toys were purchased from local selling sites, sometimes a quarter of the original selling price. When I was recently set a challenge to think of 3 things I wish I had not bought brand new for my first born, I found this an easy task.

Number 1 – Push along walker


We purchased a similar walker for my son for £24.99. Whilst my son did use his walker, it was only used for about 2 months, and then sat gathering dust in the corner of the living room. I have seen pre loved walkers being sold for as little as £2.00. What a bargain.

Number 2 – Baby Clothes


I know that’s its lovely to dress our little bundles of joy in brand new clothes, but how many times do they actually wear each outfit ? Babies grow so quickly, and I remember our son had literally outgrown some of his outfits before he got the chance to wear them. As with our daughter, I wish I had looked online for bundles of good quality baby clothes. I could have saved a small fortune.

Number 3 – Activity Centre


When we purchased our activity centre I think it was around £80.00. Again I have seen these sell for as low as £15.00. I really wish I had bought ours second hand as again, whilst it was a great product, it really wasn’t used for long.

With just these 3 items I could have saved around £200.00. That is such a great saving, and I only wish I had looked at pre loved items more for my first born. There are many selling sites on the internet. Wanna is an exciting new app that is due to launch shortly. It uses an unique algorithm which will match you to your needs. Whether that is something you wish to buy, sell, or just searching for a local toddler group to attend. Wanna is all about connecting people together in your local community.

You can download the app from Wanna here, and see how Wanna can help you buy and sell things in your local community.  I only wish this app was available when I was pregnant 13 years ago.

Disclosure – I received payment to write this post for Wanna. All thoughts and words are my own




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