Impromptu getaway


I am a planner when it comes to holidays, days out and pretty much everything else. I am one of those annoying mums who fills in school letters and sends them back in the next day. I love an organised life, and like to know that my holidays for the year are all planned out. I sometimes spend more time on Trip Advisor than I do on the actual holiday.  But a few days ago I stepped out of my comfort zone.  I booked a holiday, AND WE GO ON FRIDAY.  That’s barely enough time for my pre holiday stress to arrive.

That’s only 5 days to wash, iron, stress what to pack as you never know what the UK weather will do, buy food, organise days out whilst on holiday, buy the obligatory new toothbrushes, purchase holiday alcohol (most important job of all), delegate boring but important car jobs to husband, and probably another 100 things which will wake me up at 2am. PHEW. As well as getting through the final few days of school and not forgetting work. So instead of packing I thought the sensible thing would be to blog about it instead.

I am just counting down the hours till Friday at 4pm when I can check in. And from 4.01pm you will find me in the hot tub with a very large gin. Happy holidays.

Do you like to plan your holidays or do you prefer spur of the moment breaks ?



3 thoughts on “Impromptu getaway

  1. Oooh so exciting Tracey, where are you going? I cant wait to read all about it. It will be a well deserved and much needed break after the last couple of weeks have a wonderful time x

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