The Summer Holidays – Bring it on

In Corfu during the summer holidays last year

In Corfu during the summer holidays last year

The summer holidays are so close now we can almost touch them. Sports days have been ticked off, drama plays done and reports sent home. The kids shoes are just about hanging on in, and the tween is sporting a new cropped trouser look for school. The pristine white school shirts now resemble a dirty grey colour, with some added pen marks thrown in. I can’t wait to bin it all come Friday at 3.15pm.

Its funny how I used to dread the summer holidays when they were younger. But as with everything associated with parenting, its a learning curve. I now seize the holidays with both hands, and look forward to no school runs for a start. As my 2 are older, I can get away with lying in bed till 9am 10am, and even sneaking off for an afternoon nap. Naughty but oh so nice.

We have lots planned for the summer.  From a week long trip to Scotland, to a night away Glamping 10 minutes from home. I always try and spread out our breaks away, so we always have something to look forward to.

I will be working and thankfully my mum is on hand to keep an eye on the kids. At 9 and 12 they don’t really need as much ‘babysitting’ now. Just as long as they are fed throughout the day they should be fine ! Also these holidays will see me become a mum of a teenager. A BLOODY TEENAGER. Though to be fair he has been practising for this role for the past few years.

I just need to print out my spreadsheet showing where we are on which days (YES I really am this sad…. I am an admin girl), do a HUGE online food shop (makes note to hide half of it so it doesn’t get eaten in the first week) and most importantly order the sun. Oh and gin……. no school holiday will be complete without copious amounts of gin.

Good luck everybody…… we can do this xx



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16 thoughts on “The Summer Holidays – Bring it on

  1. Tracey so true the older they get the more you look forward to the Holidays. I love the boys being off School it is so exciting to thing we have all that time to chill and have fun, have a great summer xx

  2. I absolutely agree that the holidays are far easier now that they are older….lie-ins for one! BUT they don’t half eat a lot, I feel like I’m running a cafe most days! x

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