Children’s clothing at Matalan

untitled (15)Katie is at an age where she is starting to notice fashion. Gone are the days where I ponder her wardrobe for a carefully matched outfit (usually involving pink and glitter). She is moving away from the character clothing she has worn for most of her life, and developing her own style. So when I was invited to the Head Office for Matalan, I knew this was an event Katie would LOVE.

photo (23)

The event gave us the opportunity to meet some of the buyers who are responsible for clothing, accessories and footwear for children. We met in reception at 11.30am, and were shown to a large room. Following an introduction we were invited to visit the various stands. We headed over to sleepwear where Katie was given lots of nightwear to try on. The buyers were interested in seeing the actual fit of the clothes on the children. As Katie is 9 the age range is 8-9 years and 10-11 years, so she was given a mixture of the 2 sizes to try on. She loved trying on all the different sets and giving her opinion to the buyers on whether the clothes were comfy, too tight, too big etc. The ladies were lovely on the sleepwear stand and seemed really interested in what the children thought.

photo 4 (31)

The next stand was dressing up, but sadly Katie has grown out of this so we moved to the girls clothing stands. She loved seeing all the up and coming trends that will be hitting the stores soon. She was given the opportunity to look at pictures of different clothing, and put stickers on the items she liked the most.

photo 2 (51)

We then went and looked at the different school shoes Matalan offers. Katie and I had to choose which shoes we would buy for school, and thankfully we picked similar designs. I enjoyed chatting to the buyer, who didn’t realise that some schools won’t allow the ballet style pump shoes (our school being one of them). Aside from chatting and visiting the stands, there was a colouring competition for the kids and refreshments laid out.

Katie was given a goody bag to take home, as well as some bags, a hat and a sleepwear set which she was very excited about. We don’t usually shop in Matalan but after seeing the quality of the clothes today, we will definitely visit a store soon. Thank you to Matalan for inviting myself and Katie. We had a lovely day at your Head Office.

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8 thoughts on “Children’s clothing at Matalan

  1. That looks like an amazing event and perfect for a tween, Joe would have loved a shopping event if it was directed at him too x

  2. They also had boys fashion too but I was met by a look of horror from Morgan when I asked him whether he wanted to go (I think a few hours on the playstation with no mum or sister around won him over) x

  3. Wow! Looks fab and I bet you got some ideas. Lottie is getting into fashion a little more (as long as it’s pink or purple) and so this will be perfect for us one day too. Matalan has great clothes. Jess x

  4. Nine is such a tricky age. My eldest is desperate to have a style. There is lots of wardrobe experimenting at the moment… Sometimes it works and other times not so well. They grow up so quick!

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