Our Easter DIY

New bedroom for Katie

New bedroom for Katie

Over the Easter weekend we did the traditional task of DIY. Well when I say ‘we’ I mean husband did lots of sanding and painting, and I did the fun stuff of shopping for new things. This time it was daughters room to get a new image. We had last painted her room for her 3rd birthday, all pink and Disney Princess. But as she is now 9 it was time to give her room a more grown up feel. Katie has the small box room, and I did look at getting her a cabin bed. We even contemplated building a bed over the ‘block’ in her room, but in the end we have seen an Ikea bed which will be ideal. We just need to get this in the next few weeks. She has a Mamas and Papas wardrobe that we bought when I was pregnant with our eldest. Its quite a large wardrobe, but we decided to keep it as it goes well in the room. photo 1 (28) We bought her another Ikea storage unit which we put on the ‘block’.  Katie chose the colours for her room, and she decided on lilac and green after seeing a room painted like this in Next.  No new room is complete without new knick knacks which is my favourite part. I absolutely love the bunting I got yesterday from Home and Bargain for the excellent price of £1.99 ! Katie chose a lovely hanging picture which was only £2.99. The butterfly bedding was from Very at £12.00. I must say a huge thank you to Mummydaddyandmemakesthree for featuring these gorgeous House Shelves on her blog. Katie had chosen them for her daughters new room, and my Katie loved them. There were £18.00 which I think is really reasonable. We just need to find some more trinkets to put in them.

Ikea house shelves

Ikea house shelves

Along with buying a new bed, she needs to choose a new lampshade. I am trying to find a lovely lilac or green one with butterflies. We are also thinking of changing all our light bulbs to the new LED bulbs. These bulbs help in saving electricity which leads to lower bills, and you also get a better quality of light. This would work really well in our kitchen which is quite dark, and also our playroom. LED bulbs are also longer lasting. Whenever a bulb goes in our house, we then spend about 10 minutes searching for where we keep the new ones. The LED bulbs can last up to 30 years which is an incredible length of time. LED planet have a fantastic range of LED bulbs, and have really competitive prices on their website www.ledplanet.co.uk. I especially like the Rustic Gold bulb which would fit nicely with our bedroom.

Bulbs from LED Planet

Bulbs from LED Planet

Katie absolutely loves her new bedroom, and is another sign that she is growing up. I have to say a huge thank you to my hubby who worked hard on his painting skills over the Easter weekend.

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11 thoughts on “Our Easter DIY

  1. Her room used to be very pink and Disney Princess (which was also gorgeous) but she was desperate for lilac walls. I am hoping the room will now grow with her until she moves out but that may be wishful thinking.

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