Frozen sing-a-long at The Theatre

photo 1 (15)

If you live with a small child between the ages of 2 and 10, there is a good chance you have heard of Frozen. In fact not just heard of it but watched it around a million times. You probably know all the words and catch yourself singing the songs in the shower/at the traffic lights.

On Sunday, my daughter and I experienced Frozen on a new level. We went to our local theatre for Frozen sing-a-long. I had got the tickets back in January for my daughters birthday, and she was really excited to spend an evening at the theatre. I had booked the 6.30pm showing, as the other 2 showings that day were sold out. She wanted to wear her frozen night dress (well I figured no getting dressed for bed when we got back late), and also her beloved Elsa doll came with us.

On entering the theatre you are handed your ‘prop bag’. The adults are even given one (yes we are expected to join in).  The show started promptly and we were introduced to the host of the show. This was Hurdy Gurdy who is the brother of the shop keeper from the film (Big Summer blow out !!). You never know we might see him in Frozen 2. He went through our prop bags, and explained when we needed to use them. Below was the contents of our bag which of course were ours to take home. I won’t spoil what each prop is used for, but there is much fun using them all. We were also introduced to Elsa and Anna, amid huge cheers from the excited audience.

Frozen Sing a Long prop bag

Frozen Sing a Long prop bag

It was then time for the film to start. The words appeared on the screen for the songs, but to be honest who needs the words when they are ingrained in your brain for ever ! The host was on hand to remind when and how to use our props. There was an interval in the middle of the film, for a quick drink and toilet break.

The whole event lasted 2 and a half hours, and my daughter loved it. She sang her heart out all the way through as did the whole theatre. I have never seen so many Elsa dresses in one place ! If you are expecting to watch the film in a quiet environment, this show is not for you. However, if you want to experience a great show, with lots of encouragement to be as loud as you can, you will love it your kids will love it ! The show is touring around the UK until the end of October 2015. Below are some photos of the show

photo 4 (5)photo 5 (3)

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