Twopence to cross the Mersey

Twopence to cross the Mersey

Twopence to cross the Mersey

On Wednesday evening I enjoyed a lovely evening with  my mum. We took the train into Liverpool city centre, and headed to the Epstein Theatre which is a 10 minute walk from Lime Street station. We were off to see Twopence to cross the Mersey, which is a play based on the books by Helen Forrester. I remember reading them about 20 years ago, being captivated by them. So as soon as I saw the play advertised, I knew both myself and my mum would love it.

We were seated upstairs in the circle and had a good view of the stage. We are used to going to our local theatre which was built 10 years ago, so it was a real contrast being at the Epstein which is over 100 years old. The theatre has a wonderful charming feel to it, and this added to the atmosphere of the play which is set in the 1930’s.

The play starts with the Forrester family arriving in Liverpool. They have smart accents and clothes, and are leaving their life behind in the home counties. The great depression has hit and they have been thrown into poverty. They decide to relocate to Liverpool to rebuild their fortune and lives, but this does not go to plan.

There are 8 actors in the play, and you see most of them adopting different characters throughout. The play is wonderfully narrated as well as being acted out. I was gripped from start to finish by the wonderful acting, and I thought Maria Lovelady was fantastic in her role as Helen. Throughout the play you can’t help feeling sorry for Helen, but the end scene is uplifting as you start to see her life turn around. Its hard to imagine that this was actual life for Helen Forrester, who wrote the book based on true events.

The play will run at the Epstein until the 28th March and then continues at the following theatres in the North West

Southport – Southport Theatre – 9th to the 11th April 2015

St Helens – Theatre Royal – 14th to the 16th April 2015

New Brighton – Floral Pavilion – 19th to the 23rd April 2015

We had a wonderful evening watching Twopence to cross the Mersey, and I highly recommend the play.  

Thank you to Bill Elms Associates Ltd who is the Communications Director/Producer for inviting me.

The beautiful Epstein Theatre in Liverpool

The beautiful Epstein Theatre in Liverpool


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