Teatox review


Teatox from Slimming Solutions

Teatox from Slimming Solutions

I was recently asked to try a Teatox for 14 days. I had heard about Teatoxing in the media, and thought if it was good enough for celebrities its good enough for me. Teatox is basically a detox but blended with tea and claims to ‘cleanse the body and banish the bloat’. There are many brands of Teatox on the market, and I was sent mine from www.slimmingsolutions.com

You receive 2 packs for your 14 day Teatox. The yellow pack is for daytime and you have this every morning, as soon as you can after waking up. The ingredients in this pack are as follows

Chinese Oolong tea (38%) Sabering ginseng (20%) Fennel (10%) Lemongrass (10%) Nettle leaves (8%) Ginger root (5%) Dandelion leaf (5%) Ginseng root (2%) and Salvia Miltorrhiza (2%). They are also naturally sugar free with no artificial additives.

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I had heard of a few of the ingredients, however they are not something I consume on a daily basis. The back of the pack warns if nausea, vomiting or prolonged diarrhoea occur, stop and consult your doctor. Thankfully none of these symptoms happened (phew).

The green pack is your evening tea and you have this every other night. You need to have it at least 30 minutes after your last meal, and I got into the habit of having it around 10pm. I started on an odd number day, so just had to remember ‘evening teatox – odd day’. The ingredients for the evening tea are

Senna leaves (20%) Hawthorn leaves (20%) Lotus leaves (14%) Fenugreek seeds (12%) Burdock root (14%) Peppermint (8%) Psyllium seeds (8%) Valerian root (2%) Liquorice root (2%) again it is naturally sugar free with no artificial additives. The evening tea warned that it might cause a mild laxative effect for the first few days, but I didn’t suffer at all.

So what did I think of the actual tea ?

Now I am NOT a herbal tea drinker, and I thought I would be adding either honey or lemon to the tea which you can do. But to be honest the tea was actually nice. I had no problem in drinking it in the mornings and evenings, and I kind of miss it now I have finished. The main benefit of doing the Teatox for me was my skin felt so much more hydrated. I also seemed to be less tired than normal in the evenings, and just generally I felt less sluggish. I do eat fairly healthily as I am on Slimming World, so for me the Teatox was about feeling better in myself rather than losing weight. I definitely think doing the Teatox for 2 weeks achieved this.

photo 1 (12)

Would I do it again ?

I think its a great idea to do several times throughout the year. This time of year is good as we are starting to see glimpses of Spring.  Also right after Christmas would be a good time too, when everyone is trying to detox after too much alcohol and food. So yes I would probably do it again for the 2 week period.

I was sent the packets of Teatox currently worth £19.99 for this review. All words and opinions are my own.


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