The weekend that was 23rd – 25th January 2015

All set for her 9th Birthday Party

All set for her 9th Birthday Party


Well its that time on a Sunday evening where we all wonder where did the weekend go ? It has been a great weekend for The Williams. I thought it might be a little depressing as we were at Centerparcs last weekend, but we had 2 fun filled events to keep us smiling. The first one was on Friday evening, where I enjoyed the company of One Direction, Katy Perry and 4 screaming girls ! Actually scrap that, it was a whole theatre of screaming females. AND it wasn’t even the real One Direction, so god knows what the screams would be like if I ever get the misfortune to be at a REAL concert.

photo 3

One Direction tribute act


I have to say both of the tribute acts at our local theatre were fantastic. We took Katie and 3 of her friends for her birthday party. I figured it would be a hell of a lot easier than last year, taking 12 friends bowling (how the hell do teachers do it). The girls were all VERY excited and it was lovely to see. Though I wish I had packed ear plugs by the end of the night. The girls spent the night giggling, chatting, dancing and screaming, and it was lovely to see them all have a great time. The tickets cost us £80, which is probably less than we would have spent on a party, so a winner in my eyes. And Katie exclaimed it had been the ‘best birthday party EVER’.

The day after we were booked to have a family photo shoot. Not the best planning after a night on the tiles with a bunch of 9 year olds ! I was really excited about our shoot, as hubby had got the voucher as part of my 40th birthday. Which was 1 year and 1 week ago. I like to drag my presents out. The shoot was with a wonderful photographer who I used to work with. The studio is at her house, and I decided we should dress fairly casual in jeans and nice tops. I went with no ideas and gave Nicola, the photographer, free rein with us. I had seen her work and knew her pictures were always stunning. Daughter took to it like a duck to water, and she was really getting into the whole posing thing. I even think the tween secretly enjoyed it too. I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out. Thank you to Nicola at Smewch Photography.

The rest of the weekend was spent chilling at home and enjoying a Sunday walk. I won’t mention the FA cup as hubby is a Swansea supporter. Looking forward to next weekend as I get a night away with the hubs.



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