Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – The Brindley


Pantomime season is in full swing and on Saturday evening we went to our local theatre, The Brindley, to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I am ashamed to say that as a family we have never been to watch a Pantomime at the theatre. Usually the kids go and watch it with school or cubs, but this year there were no trips planned. I know the pantomime is really popular with local people, and I was really excited to go and have some Christmas family time. We had actually met some of the stars of the pantomime back in September, when The Brindley celebrated their 10th birthday. Kim Woodburn was meant to be starring in it, but unfortunately had to pull out due to ill health. Get well soon Kim.

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We arrived in the lobby area which was filled with families and excited children. Our seats were located upstairs in the balcony area. Hubby and I have been to The Brindley many times, mainly to see comedians, and have always chosen to sit downstairs. However I liked being upstairs and we had a great view of the stage.

Waiting for the show to start

Waiting for the show to start

The show started just over 5.00pm with the fairy appearing on the stage. She started to tell the story, and gradually we were introduced to the characters. The story is obviously Snow White with a modern twist. The dwarfs consisted of a Louis Walsh one, Simon Cowell, Gary Barlow, a rapper one and the voice of xfactor. No sleepy, sneezy or dopey in this show !

The dame was absolutely fantastic. Very funny and kept us entertained throughout with jokes for all. There was of course plenty of audience participation, with ‘he’s behind you’ and ‘oh no he isn’t’. Great to see the whole crowd joining in the fun, and if you were at the front the chance to get soaked on a few occasions ! Highlight was when Muddles, one of the characters, threw lots of sweets into the crowd, and daddy managed to catch some for daughter.


Picture courtesy of The Brindley


The whole show was very well put together, professional and very entertaining. I loved that there was a live band providing the music, and this is something I did not expect. There was lots of singing and dancing throughout the show, and even 2 songs from Frozen were sung. The costumes were all amazing, especially the dames hilarious and silly outfits. My daughter had been to another pantomime in Manchester the week before (also Snow White) and this is my 8 year olds review in her words.

The pantomime tonight was outstanding. It was comedy and musical and amazing. My favourite character was the man dressed up as a girl. She/he cracked  me up. It was good that the crowd got soaked and my daddy caught me a packet of sweets. YES !!! I liked the seating because I could see the stage. Tonight was better than the one I went to last week. By Katie aged 8

Picture courtesy of The Brindley

Picture courtesy of The Brindley

The show ended around 7.30pm, and there was a 20 minute interval in the middle. This gave you the chance to purchase an ice cream from the front of the theatre, or to grab a well deserved drink. The Brindley is an excellent theatre which has been in my home town for 10 years now. We all loved the pantomime and we will definitely be making it a Christmas tradition from now on. Thank you to all the wonderful staff, actors, singers and dancers from Polka Dot Pantomimes who have made this a truly fantastic show for local families. Especially the younger children who were dancing in the show. They did brilliantly. Thank you.

I was given a family ticket worth £40 for the purpose of this review. Thank you to Polka Dot Pantomimes and The Brindley

Picture courtesy of The Brindley

Picture courtesy of The Brindley


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