Balls to that !

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Would you believe that today, 7th November 2014, is World Vasectomy Day. Wow they really do have a World Day for everything, though I think the hubby would prefer World Chocolate or Beer Day ! How do I know this interesting fact ? Well, I was watching This Morning yesterday where they were showing a LIVE vasectomy. Yep there was a very brave gentleman, who basically looked like a lamb about to be slaughtered, which of course was not far from the truth. Anyway it got me thinking to my husbands vasectomy, and after I consulted him (well it was his bits I would be writing about) I decided to write this post.

Having 2 children we both knew our family was complete, and we talked about hubby having the snip when our 2nd child was a baby. Said baby was 7 when hubby had the snip. Yep it took him a whole 7 YEARS to get round to it. After a frank discussion last year, he admitted he was scared on having his ‘delicate bits’ being operated on. After I made some sympathetic noises towards him (whilst all the time I wanted to scream ‘try having a huge baby come out your delicate parts’) he actually made the appointment the following day, to ahem ‘get the ball rolling’.  A few weeks later we found ourselves at the local hospital having our ‘counselling session’, and a very lovely lady of around 70 explaining all about the procedure. I hate to admit that while she was explaining the importance of ‘scrotal shaving’ prior to the op, I digressed from a pretty mature 39 year old to a giggling 16 year old !!! Sorry…..

About a week later it was V day. Typically it coincided with the tween going to a Rugby match with school, so I literally had to dump hubby at the hospital whilst running the tween round. How ironic that he was off to watch some men round a field chasing after an odd looking ball !!! Odd looking balls seemed to be the order of the day ! Anyway before I knew it I was off to pick the hubby back up. He came gingerly walking out of the hospital, and I got him settled onto the settee where he pretty much spent the whole of the weekend. Whilst he was having his op, the nurse informed him he had a cyst in one of his testicles which needed looking at when he had recovered from the op.  So a few days after he went to the docs and they referred him for a scan. The cyst needed removing, and for the second time in as many weeks poor hubby was looking at his ‘delicate bits’ being hacked into again. This was made slightly better by the fact it was done at a local private hospital.

To make matters worse the first sample came back, and there was still live sperm showing. A further second sample a few months later also came back as showing as not worked. The next option was a ‘hot test’. This meant doing a sample at home and hot footing it to the hospital within the hour so it could be tested. A week later we finally got the letter to say it had worked. This was the middle of August and hubby had the snip at the end of November 2013. So not as straight forward as it should have been, but on the positive side having it done meant them finding the cyst, and of course the joy of unprotected sex (sorry to my parents who read this !!).  Hubby is still glad he had it done, even though he admits it was ‘fucking painful’ !!! But then again so is having kids. And they are expensive buggers !


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