Bye Bye Summer Holidays 2014

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I always get a little emotional at this time of year as we say goodbye to another Summer holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely craving the return of routines and the daily clock watching. But I must admit we have had a ball yet again during this Summer. I used to dread the long 6 week break when they were younger, wondering how I would fill each day with activities. But as they get older, they are pretty self sufficient, and the tween spends some time outside the house playing with hanging out with his friends. So what have we done to fill our time this past 6 weeks. Well in one word……. Holidays !!!! We have been lucky that we have managed to get away to 3 different locations during a 3 week period.


First up at the end of July was our week holiday to Corfu. We had never taken the kids on an European beach holiday, and we knew it would be totally different to Florida where we have been for the past 3 years. We went to Corfu as our friend was getting married there. I knew I had to be there, and we chose to put Florida on hold for 2014, and head to somewhere new. Well we all loved Corfu and had an excellent holiday. There were 24 of us staying in the same hotel, and the kids always had someone to play with. As for us adults well….. we always had someone to chat with over an all inclusive Gin and Tonic. The wedding was perfect, complete with Greek dancers and much laughter till the small hours.

Gorgeous private beach in Scotland on the site

Gorgeous private beach in Scotland on the site

Home for a few days and then we headed to Scotland off to our favourite park near Dumfries. Scotland was slightly different from Corfu weather wise !!!!! Put it this way I had to pack for all 4 seasons. It was our sons 12th birthday when we were up there, and he went and did archery with his dad at a nearby activity centre. We had a really relaxing time up there, and the highlight was winning £90 on the bingo the first night…. Go me !!

Love feeding the birds at Chessington

Love feeding the birds at Chessington

Home again, this time for only 1 night. I was getting a whizz at unpacking and packing again by now. This time we headed down South to stay at the Chessington Hotel (which I have done a separate review for). Loved the hotel, and we spent 2 days doing the rides in Chessington. We have Merlin passes, and this was the last weekend before they expired. After having them for 3 years we are going to have a break from them, but they have been SO worth the money. The 2nd day we were booked into a Premier Inn in Cobham as were heading to do Thorpe Park. Unfortunately, my son got a terrible stomach bug and we ended up coming home after an ‘interesting’ night in a hotel room. Less said about that the better.

Inside the Chessington Hotel

Inside the Chessington Hotel

In between all the excitement of being away we have had plenty of PJ days and general just chilling at home. The past week has been catching up with friends (mine and the kids) before the routine takes over. Oh and hubby and I even got a night chilling in a nearby Spa. Totally relaxing after all the madness.

So there we have it. Goodbye to the Summer, and hello to central heating, comfy jumpers and school runs. Hope everyone else had a great Summer Holidays too.


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