Review – Nanna Kays Convenience Meals

A few weeks ago I came across Nanna Kay’s convenience meals for toddlers and children. As a family we always try and cook healthy meals from scratch, however I like to have a few convenience meals in for when we have our busy nights. I liked the idea of this range of products as it has no added salt in, which is fantastic for a convenience product. We were sent 5 different meals to try, along with an informative brochure explaining how the company started.


My children could not wait to try the meals, and they quickly decided what they were having for tea that evening. The meals came well packaged, and were kept cool with ice packs around them. They keep in the freezer and have the microwave instructions on the packaging. For tea that evening my children had the Macaroni Cheese and the Lasagne. The Macaroni Cheese looked and tasted delicious (well I had to taste it too !). I thought the Lasagne looked like it had too much liquid too it, but it did taste nice and both meals got a thumbs up from the children.




The following evening the children asked for their Nanna Kay’s meals so they had a concoction of the remaining meals which were Cottage pie (I thought this was very tasty, and would have eaten an adults portion of it) with Meatballs and Spaghetti and Fish Pie. Like I said a strange concoction. Again it was a thumbs up from the children and nice clean plates. They really enjoyed their meals, and asked whether I could get some more. The meals are currently only available from Nanna Kay’s online and are priced between £2.75 and £3.25 depending whether you order an infant or junior portion.

I received 5 meals to review for free and all words and thoughts are my own  



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