Review – Peanut Hottie Drink


A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to sample some ‘Peanut Hottie’. Now the name alone has me smiling, and I have visions of being served a scrummy hot drink by a near naked ‘hottie’. When the package arrived, it contained a full jar and a smaller packet (no naked man arrived and my vision was shattered !)

I patiently waited for the kids to arrive back from school, and then the kettle was on. I used 4 teaspoons per cup. You can use more if you prefer a stronger taste but 4 was fine for us. It looked and tasted yummy, and was a big hit with us all. The only thing missing was a big dollop of cream on the top !


The literature that came with the Peanut Hottie advised us to get creative. So as I was making a curry that evening, I decided to spoon some Peanut Hottie in to see what it was like. The curry was gorgeous, and gave a satay taste. I will definitely use the Hottie again in cooking, and have plans for a banana loaf with Peanut Hottie. How nice for a product to be used as a drink and in cooking !

The product is currently being sold in Sainsburys and Waitrose and is priced at £2.99 in Sainsburys. It has only 83 calories per 20g serving.

Disclosure – I was given a jar and 1 packet of Peanut Hottie to sample. All opinions and words are my own.



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