Our bargain break at Easter

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As you know I love holidays, and as soon as the kids go back to school after half term, my thoughts quickly turn to the next holidays. Our school breaks up again for Easter on the 4th April, as our borough now has a ‘spring break’ . This will always be the first full 2 weeks in April regardless when Easter falls. Anyway over the past week, I have been looking at places to go which are nice, and are also cheap. We are heading to Corfu in the Summer holidays so I knew there was not much money in the holiday budget.

As we have Merlin cards, I was looking at Premier Inns down south so we could visit Thorpe Park and Chessington, but I just couldn’t get a few nights together at a good rate (my good rate for a Premier Inn is basically anything below £30.00). I also looked at Hoseasons, another favourite of ours. We had booked a few hot tub holidays through Hoseasons in the past, and had always been pleased. But I knew the budget would not stretch to a nice holiday sat in a hot tub.


Anyway on Monday evening as I was making the tea, an email came through. It was advertising 4 night holidays in March and April for £69.00 !!!! Now this email was from a holiday park in Scotland we had visited 5 years ago, and I still happened to be on their mailing list. It is a family run park, with all the amenities we look for in a holiday… pool – entertainment – shop to buy wine – nice caravans etc. Well tea was quickly abandoned, and I grabbed the phone thinking there is no way this offer will be on during the Easter holidays. I gave the dates I wanted to go and the lady said that yes they had 1 caravan left at the price of £69.00. I quickly snapped her hand off, gave my credit card details and quickly texted the husband to say we were going away.

So we are all excited about our bargain break of £69.00 going back to the holiday park in Scotland we always said we would love to return to. Have you had a bargain break in the past ?





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