The £10.00 Christmas revealed

So who remembers the post I did about ‘Amazing what you can get for a tenner’ ? The post was all about how me and hubby set ourselves a strict budget of £10.00 to buy each others presents with. The presents all neatly wrapped up looked like this


And the presents all unwrapped look like this


Yep my lucky husband got all that for exactly £10.00 and the prices are as follows

Kids and adults quiz questions £3.75

Christmas ale £2.00

Family Guy mug £1.00

Family Guy beer glass £1.00

Kindle light £1.00

Paper aeroplanes £1.00

Diary milk £0.25

Box of personalised crisps Free

The more eager eyed upon you will notice the personalised crisps actually say Happy Birthday and not Happy Christmas. I actually ordered these months ago for hubbys birthday but Walkers took ages to send them.

My hubby excelled with the presents he got me too and amongst them were Justin Timberlakes new cd (£1.00 courtesy of Blockbusters shutting down) 2 books – chocolate – car air freshener – hand warmer and a few other things I simply cannot remember as Christmas was ages ago.

So here’s to another £10.00 for Christmas 2014. In fact I had better start looking around now in the sales.


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