Winter Wonderland Manchester

Winter Wonderland

On Sunday we were lucky to visit Winter Wonderland which is situated in Event City in Manchester (next to the Trafford Centre). I had been following Winter Wonderland on facebook and they had been getting some great feedback, so myself, husband and our 2 children aged 11 and 7 were excited to visit.

You can book your tickets on their website, and they run 2 sessions each day apart from Christmas and New Years Eve. We opted for the early session on Sunday which was 11am till 3pm. A further session runs 4.30pm till 8.30pm. We arrived at Event City just after 11am, and found there was plenty of parking spaces. We headed to the entrance and quickly picked up our tickets and we were in. Event City is HUGE and I have a feeling Winter Wonderland was not even using all the available space.


So what is Winter Wonderland ? Well its basically a huge indoor fun fair. I was really impressed with the amount of rides on offer. I thought there would only be 1 or 2 rides my 11 year old would be interested in, but he went on lots as did my 7 year old (has no fear) daughter. The good thing about Winter Wonderland is there was never any queues for the rides. They only let in a set amount of people each session which I think is an excellent idea. There is also plenty of space around the rides.

There are stalls dotted around which cost you money, but the actual rides are free once you have paid to get in. There was also a Sooty Show which had the ‘real’ Sooty and Soo in it which seemed a huge hit with the smaller children. A Circus also did 3 shows during a session and again this was a big hit. If you were going before Christmas, Father Christmas was there to meet, and during our session we had the opportunity to meet Captain Jack Sparrow.

There is catering inside Winter Wonderland, but as we had eaten a large breakfast before we came we just had 3 packets of regular crisps which were £3.00 ! Very expensive and to add insult to injury one of the packets was 2 and a half weeks out of date. I understand the catering is provided by Event City and not Winter Wonderland.


The 4 hours flew by and to be honest my children would have happily stayed for another few hours. As a parent I liked it because it was clean, spacious and good value for money. On the way out the manager was taking the time to speak to people leaving. He explained they have a 5 year contract with Event City and were looking to do other events throughout the year. We both agreed that a summer event would work just as well.

We all had a great day out and thank you to Winter Wonderland for a well organised event. Looking forward to visiting you again during 2014.


We were given a family ticket worth £56.00 for the purpose of this review. All views and words are my own.


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