Goodbye 2013


I have really enjoyed reading people’s blog posts today as they look back at the year we will say good bye to in 4 and a half hours, and I thought I would round up our 2013.

Some of the highlights of the year have included

Going back to Disneyworld Florida for the 3rd year on the run, and staying in a Disney hotel for the full 2 weeks. We were totally immersed in the Disney bubble for the whole time and it was great !

We renewed our Merlin Annual Passes again,and for the first time we experienced the Alton Towers fireworks which were amazing. We realised that this year was the last we would go to Legoland in Windsor as Morgan is too old for this park now.

We went glamping for 4 nights and we survived without killing each other in such a small space.

We had a fantastic weekend camping with close friends and their children.

The summer holidays were excellent and this was probably down to the great heatwave we experienced.

Morgan got excellent SAT results and in September he went to secondary school.

Katie contined to do well at school and she makes us laugh each day.

I had a lovely weekend away (no kids and husband) celebrating my best friends 40th birthday with 5 other gorgeous ladies.

We decided we want to be mortgage free in 8 years when my husband turns 50 and to do this we need to overpay by £150 each month. A realistic target that we are determined to achieve.

Feel blessed that we have a great family and a fantastic circle of friends around us.

Of course no year would be complete without some downs. 2 members of our immediate family have been fighting cancer and currently my nan is still in hospital. We have had a challenging few months as parents as our son changes into a pre teen. Believe me if you have toddlers enjoy every minute as it gets harder ! Its a learning curve, but I feel we still have a tight knit little family, and we love spending time with each other when the ipads and xbox are off.

So who knows what 2014 will bring. I am hoping that January will be a time of celebration and fun as I turn 40 and daughter turns 8. We are off to Centreparcs for a long weekened in just over 2 weeks and I cannot bloody wait !

As I only started blogging in September, I would like to thank everyone who has read my posts and for the support I receive from my family, friends and the twitter community. Happy New Year 2014 xx



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