Final item on the Christmas list – Headphones

Santa and HeadphonesWell its that time of year when I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as nearly everything has been ticked off the present buying lists. One thing I still need to buy is headphones. My 11 year old son requested these, as he spends time listening to music on his ipad. He also requested that they are wireless. Now being nearly 40 and not down with the kids, I thought that all headphones came with wires. I then drifted back several thousand years to a Sunday evening, when I would plug my headphones in and listen to the top 40. But it appears that headphones can indeed be wireless.

As I am a good Santa’s little helper, I started doing some research on the web. I found the John Lewis website, which had an extensive range of headphones, and more importantly lots of wireless ones. I liked the website, as you could narrow the search down to find the headphones you needed. There was categories for in ear – on ear – gaming – noise cancelling – wireless – sports – hear muffs… I could go on. But for a technophobe like myself, I found this really helpful. You can also narrow it down to the colour, but as I have a boy he probably does not care what colour they are apart from bright pink ! Oh and headphones inside hats ! Genius idea.

I think I have finally decided on some for him. They look good quality and are a good price. We have ordered from John Lewis before and have found their customer service to be excellent. I like that you get a 2 year guarantee with this product too instead of the normal 1 year at other retailers. Right they just need ordering and shipping to Santa, and my work is finally done.

I am sure my son will love his new headphones. It will be a matter of putting them on, turning the volume up, and no listening to his Mum nagging him to tidy his room.


Disclosure – This is a sponsored post and all words and views are my own


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