Amazing what you can get for a tenner !


So today I finished wrapping some more presents and decided to photograph this lovely little bundle of gifts. The lucky recipient on Christmas day will be my hubby. I know….. he is a lucky boy. Except all these gifts cost exactly £10. Yep me and the hubby have a strict budget of a tenner, and have done this since having kids. We prefer to put our money towards gifts for the children, and days out around Christmas. And it has to be exactly £10. not under or over even by a penny. And no going to Poundland and getting 10 things…. That is cheating !

So what an earth is in all those yummy looking packages I hear you ask ? Well apart from the Christmas Ale which you can clearly see, you will have to wait until after Christmas like my hubby. One thing is for sure, I am ace at gathering bargains and freebies, and its amazing what you can get for a tenner. Happy Christmas hubby !


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