Tesco Exclusive Food Evening

finest-logoBack at the beginning of October I received an email inviting me to a ‘Tesco Exclusive Evening’. With the promise of food tasting from their new Finest range, and the promise of a goody bag, I quickly logged on to the Tesco website and booked my place. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of a night out with the hubby, I booked him on too and booked in my trusty babysitter (my mum !)

So last Wednesday we went to the store. We arrived at 7pm and were met by a gentleman at the Customer Service desk. When most people had arrived we were taken to the back of the store into the staff canteen area. We were welcomed with a drink of red or white wine, or a non alcoholic spritzer all from the Finest range. After everyone had arrived we were invited to sit down and we had a presentation on some of the finest range. This included telling us about where they sourced their ingredients from. I found this presentation informatative, and thought that Tesco go to great lengths to secure the best ingredients for their Finest range.

After the presentation which lasted around 30 minutes, we were invited to sample some of the foods they had out on display. There were selections of cheese, chutneys, crackers, chocolate, mince pies and other goodies to choose from. We sat around a table and chatted with the other guests and generally had a really enjoyable evening. The food was delicious and I will definately buy more from their Finest range in the future.

Before we left we collected our goody bags (exclusive Finest Jute bags). Nothing gets me more excited than receiving a FREE goody bag ! Contents of our goody bag as below. After doing some research, Tesco hold regular evenings like the one we attended so I will definately be keeping my eyes open for more. Thank you Tesco for a lovely evening.

Please note I was not asked to write this review by Tesco. I thought it would be nice to blog about the enjoyable evening we had.




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